Silverton Outback Camels

Family Meet & Feed the Animals

Starting at $25 per family for 30 minutes

Get the kids out of town and onto the farm. We are only 20 minutes from Broken Hill. Feed or take a selfie with any of our 9 camels. Learn their names and different personalities. Compare a 100 year old saddle to a new saddle.

At Silverton Outback Camels you can also meet our dogs, cats, feed and pat the sheep, goats, donkeys and ponies too. Kids also love the goose, guinea fowl, chooks and ducks. Feed is included in the price.

Do a Short Camel Ride for the Young & Old

15 minutes
Children $10 (age applies)
Adult $15

Take in the Outback Landscape with a Camel Ride

30 minutes
Children $25 (age applies)
Adult $30

Unwind from the Daily Grind with a Camel Ride

1 hour
$50 per person

Come Out and Enjoy a Spectacular Silverton Sunset Camel Ride

1.5 hours
$75 per person
Book for two or book for the family

Further Information

1939 Silverton Road

Contact Petah or Duncan to make a booking