An Australian Media Giant

What do the rolling plains that feature prominently in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and the post-apocalyptic baron desert that was on display in Mad Max II have in common? You guessed it, they’re scenes from Silverton!

The film industry is a major part of Silverton’s identity having played host to many classics throughout the years. If you look closely you’ll even spot a local or two featuring in “walk-in” roles. 

Silverton’s unique landscape has drawn film makers from around the world. It has also provided a backdrop for many print and television commercials for decades it is not uncommon to come across a film crew in the area.

Below are just a few of the films that have been shot in and around Silverton over the years:

  • Strangerland – 2014 (Hugo Weaving / Nicole Kidman)
  • Dirty Deeds – 2001
  • Mission Impossible II – 1999
  • The Missing – 1998
  • Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert – 1993
  • Reckless Kelly – 1991
  • Royal Flying Doctor Service (TV) – 1991
  • The Water Trolly – 1989
  • As Time Goes By – 1987
  • Dirtwater Dynasty (miniseries) – 1987
  • A Place to Call Home (tv) – 1986
  • The Blue Lightning (TV) – 1986
  • Alice to Nowhere (TV) – 1985
  • Comrades – 1985
  • The Long Way Home – 1984
  • Razorback – 1983
  • The Camel Boy -1983
  • The Slim Dusty Movie – 1983
  • Hostage – 1982
  • A Town Like Alice (miniseries) 1981
  • Max Max II – 1981
  • The Golden Soak – 1978
  • The Battle of Broken Hill (miniseries) – 1971
  • Girl in Australia – 1970
  • Wake in Fright – 1970

Cultivating Art Culture

As you wander through this historic community you’ll notice that the streets are dominated by galleries of all shapes and sizes. Silverton is a mecca for artists, photographer and their admirers.

Some say the draw card is the outback landscape, rich in colour and boundless beauty, while others are inspired by the serenity. Regardless, Silverton has inspired the works of thousands throughout the years.

If you venture into one of the local galleries you may even get the chance to see a local artist at work.