The Mundi Mundi Bash

Not to be Missed

The Mundi Mundi Bash is an amazing music festival held on Belmont Station, just north of Silverton, every August. There is something for everyone music-wise, great company and atmosphere, lots of fun events and fundraisers for very worthy causes.

Silverton welcomes over 15,000 people to this event and given that Silverton has a population of around 40, you can appreciate the logistics of getting everyone through Silverton to “Mundiville” all in one piece and without frazzled nerves.

Silverton is a tiny Village of around 40 residents and a number of amazing businesses…some locally owned and some owned by folks from Broken Hill and local stations. Silverton is managed by the Silverton Village Committee Inc, as the Village sits in the Unincorporated Area of NSW. This means we do not have a council or shire…the Silverton Village Committee Inc fills this role.

The Silverton Village Committee is made up of three elected community members and all committee members are volunteers (elections are held by the NSW Electoral Commission). The Committee is responsible for most of the day to day running of the Village, but has to raise money to make things happen…there are no large amounts of regular funding, nor do we have staff or the resources of a council or shire, so we really need everyone to help us out during their visit to Silverton and the Mundi Mundi Bash, so we can all enjoy the experience.

What you can do to help

  • Please obey ALL road signs and traffic control directions…we’re trying to fit a really big square peg into a very little round hole😊
  • Please obey ALL speed signs…there is a 90kph limit along the Silverton Road from the outskirts of Broken Hill and speed will be restricted from 50 to 40kph (or less) around Silverton Village
  • If you find yourself in a long queue of traffic…some have been a few kilometres or more long… please keep your vehicle as far to the left of the road as possible. If you get out of your vehicle during the wait, please be mindful that people do live and work in the area and you may encounter oncoming traffic which may include road trains (very big trucks carrying livestock, machinery or other stuff). Please do not leave your car doors open or walk all over the road if your vehicle is stationery…we have experienced a few near misses and very frustrated drivers not being able to pass due to this behaviour
  • Public Loos: Silverton has only one block of public loos and we would appreciate it if you could be kind to them😊 Please do not flush anything but pee, poo or loo paper…PLEASE DO NOT empty the cartridges from your caravan or camper into our loos. Not only can this block them up, but the chemicals in the cartridges damage the workings of our septic systems, which becomes a very expensive fix. Dump points are available at various places around Broken Hill. PLEASE NOTE: we have two amazing ladies (contractors) who clean our public loos and empty our rubbish bins…there are only two of them, so please be considerate.
  • RUBBISH: Please use our bins and help keep our little dot on the map clean and tidy, but…we would appreciate it if you didn’t empty the contents of your caravan or camper into our bins (please take it with you and find a skip bin), as we just don’t have enough bins for this…and our bin and loo ladies only have one pair of hands each and can’t be in Silverton for the whole Bash time. Please place bottles, cans and other recyclable drink containers in the recycle bins.
  • PARKING; signs will be in place to direct you to where you may park around Silverton. Due to the large amount of traffic travelling through the Village, parking will not be available along the main street…Burke Street…the street you enter on. Signage will direct you around the Village to areas where you may park.  You will see lots of vacant land, but it is off limits due to cultural, historical and environmental significance. The land in the centre of Silverton Village is particularly protected. You may see scrappy, prickly bushes, but in so many years, our native vegetation struggles to survive, but then comes to life with abundance after good rain. Driving/parking on this vegetation turns these areas into dust bowls very quickly, so please keep off them. There is room along the sides of the streets to pull up, park and walk…yes walk… it’s only a little village, you can do it😊 and you’ll get in some practice for “Mundiville” 😊 PLEASE NOTE; do not move or remove any witches’ hats, bollards or bunting in order to get a “good” parking spot. These items are in place to protect entry to private residences, businesses and emergency services. If you do this, we have a number of creative ways of removing your vehicle…😊 all legal of course…
  • CAMPING: There is no free camping between Broken Hill and “Mundiville” Camping is not permitted in or around Silverton. Penrose Park is the dedicated camping and caravan park, so if you haven’t booked in early, you’ve probably missed out. You may see lots of vacant land, but this is managed Crown Land or privately owned. It has cultural, historic and environmental significance and is strictly off limits. There is also an element of safety in this decision. Whilst our creeks look lovely and inviting, they can turn into raging torrents incredibly quickly (check out the first Mundi Mundi Bash), with no warning and no rain in our area. Rain may fall many kilometres away, causing the creeks to flow, so don’t be tempted to camp in or on creek banks. There are numerous signs indicating no camping, so please be respectful.
  • FIREWOOD: collecting and cutting of firewood in and around Silverton is NOT PERMITTED. Firewood is on sale at the Bash site or please bring your own. Please consider our wildlife, habitat and environment.
  • WATER: Silverton’s water is non-potable/untreated and therefore not suitable to fill up your caravan tanks etc, so make sure you fill up before heading out here and have bottled water on hand.
  • Livestock on the road: By the time you reach Silverton, we imagine you have encountered all kinds of livestock and wildlife on the roads. Silverton is surrounded by a Common which is not fenced. Our cattle and horses (and the donkeys) roam freely around (and sometimes through) the Village, so please SLOW DOWN and drive carefully. You are also likely to encounter kangaroos and emus…please slow down…
  • LOCALS: we appreciate that you are all on holidays and having a great time and the Silverton locals are working hard to make sure it stays like that. We would really appreciate it though, if you could help us out with getting to and from work, school and generally needing to move about. Bash organisers provide Silverton Locals, including business operators and their staff, with a black and gold striped windscreen sticker to identify them. Traffic management personnel will give right of way to the vehicles displaying one of these stickers and we would be really stoked if you could let us through busy traffic too.


So, enough of the dos and don’ts…it’s mainly common-sense folks…

We really want you all to have a great time in Silverton whilst here for the Bash and we’d love you to support our local businesses. Silverton has heaps of galleries, both art and photography (and a secret garden), Gaol and School museums, a Café/Tavern, the Pub, a bakery, the Mad Max Museum, camel rides, Day Dream Mine tours and don’t forget the Pioneer Cemetery just past Penrose Park. It’s well worth a wander around.

And the sunrises and sunsets are amazing…

  • Please bring some cash with you, as our internet and EFTPOS usually crashes due to the large volume of people using it during the Bash.
  • If you don’t have a Telstra phone, you might like to get one, most other carriers don’t work out here.
  • If you want to tap into someone’s WiFi in Silverton, please ask first and maybe purchase something from their business😊



Please enjoy Silverton and the Mundi Mundi Bash😊

Please have a good look around this website and see what Silverton has to offer while you are here.

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