Silverton Track

The Silverton Track, often referred to as the Cycleway, is a pathway built along the old Silverton Tramway. It can be used by walkers and cyclists at any time but please read the signs before embarking on your trip.

The Track commences at the old Ticket Office (just outside Silverton near the large Silverton sign), where car parking is available. The Track is five kilometres from the Ticket Office to the Silverton Common Boundary fence, then 5kms back so a reasonable level of fitness is required.

The Track is well marked, with distance markers every kilometre, safety signs alerting walkers/cyclists to potential hazards and also a number of signs explaining aspects of the Tracks’ history and points of interest. The Track takes in the scenery of the Silverton Common, following and crossing a number of usually dry creeks, some of the crossings boasting heritage-style bridges. On some of the larger creeks, you will leave the Track and walk across the creek bed, there are some nice picnic spots here under the beautiful River Red Gums if you pack lunch.

Please enjoy your trek, but make sure you:

  • Wear sturdy foot wear and appropriate clothing.
  • Take plenty of water, there is no water along the Track.
  • Wear a hat and sunscreen.
  • In very hot weather, reconsider use.
  • Be aware, there may be no mobile reception.
  • In an emergency call 000 or 112.
  • Track is closed in wet weather.

For more information, consult the signs at the Ticket Office car park.